Frontal and Closure Care Tips (Lace)

  • Our HD and transparent lace frontals and closures are made thin to give you the most natural look possible when installed. This also means that they are very delicate and need to be handled carefully. 

1) Over-bleaching your knots will weaken them causing unnecessary shedding out of your closure or frontal! 

2) Scratching your frontal/closure will cause bald spots. To prevent irritation, have your hair stylist moisturize your scalp before installing your unit. using the tail of a comb or other objects to scratch your lace will also result in bald spots. If your are desperate to itch, use the palm of your head and pat the area lightly. 

3) Change your parts often! Parting your lace in the same place all the time will strain that area and cause it to bald.

4) Poor application will result in an unrealistic look. Make sure your stylist knows what they're doing before you sit in their chair. 

5) Make sure to be gentle when washing your frontals/closures. Being too rough on the lace will loosen the knots and cause bald spots.