Bundle Care Tips

1) It is imperative to co-wash your hair before installation! Co-washing your extensions not only gently cleanses the hair adding luster and bounce back into your hair but also adds moisture to the hair which prevents shedding! 

2) Brush your extensions from the ends towards the top! Carelessly raking through your hair from the top downwards will break the hair strands which results in shedding. 

3) Make sure to detangle your bundles before you wash it to prevent matting, shedding, and tangling. 

4) It is important to wash your extensions around every two weeks. The products that you use on your hair (oils, mousse, hairspray, etc) will build up overtime and weigh down your hair which can cause tangling and shedding. 

5) Make sure to protect your hair at night by covering your hair with a satin/silk scarf or bonnet. NEVER SLEEP WITHOUT COVERING YOUR EXTENSIONS! When you sleep your hair rubs against cotton sheets and pillowcases which sucks the moisture out of your extensions which causes your hair to become brittle over time and leads to - you guessed it - SHEDDING! 


Treat your extensions as if its your own hair, because it is!