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Hair Specs: 

  • Royal Straight 
  • Color: Jet Black 
  • IMPORTANT: WIG WILL TAKE 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS TO PROCESS FOR CLOSURE WIGS AND 10-17 BUSINESS DAYS FOR FRONTAL WIGS,  BEFORE SHIPPING. Processing starts the next business day after you place your order 

AFTER YOU HAVE PLACED YOUR ORDER, WE WILL EMAIL YOU ASKING FOR EXTRA HEAD MEASUREMENTS. This is to ensure the best fit of your unit. Please be ready to send us these measurements. If you have purchased a CLOSURE UNIT and you haven’t updated us within three business days, we will just start processing your unit with only the circumference. If you have purchased a FRONTAL UNIT and you have not updated us within 3 business days, your order will be canceled. 
A closure wig can be made only from the circumference but we prefer to have extra measurements. To create a frontal wig we absolutely need those extra measurements. Thank you. 

Welcome to our Custom Wig collection!


This wig is sold “AS IS”, meaning, what you see  in the picture is what you get.


All of the units in our Custom Wig Collection come customized. Therefore, the knots will be bleached, the hairline will be plucked, the hair will be pressed/styled, and of course, it will come shampooed and deep conditioned.


Important Things To Know:

1. STRICT NO RETURN/ NO EXCHANGE POLICY. (Please see our “Refund Policy” for more information.)

2. This unit will come in the style that is shown in the pictures

3. Allow 10-15 business days for your order to process before you receive shipping  information.

4. Units will come with a stocking cap and a DETACHED adjustable strap that your stylist can properly adjust to your head and stitch on the unit accordingly.

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